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Welcome to Cruz and Associates

Welcome to Cruz and AssociatesWelcome to Cruz and Associates

Forensic Social Work

  Forensic social work can be used in criminal and civil matters, family law, workman’s compensation, and medical negligence cases. Ms. Cruz has been qualified as an expert witness in clinical social work and forensic social work in numerous jurisdictions and courts in the state of Maryland, Virginia and Federally.  

Ms. Cruz has written reports for cases ranging from violation of parole to murder one charges. The majority of these reports have resulted in charge reductions, including a reduction from initial murder one charges to second degree and/or manslaughter. Sentencing memorandums provide the court alternatives to incarceration, resulting in a decrease in incarceration time, and a greater emphasis placed on treatment. Reports can be used for plea agreements, re-entry planning and reconsideration cases. 

For criminal cases reports include a complete psycho-social assessment with court recommendations to be used during sentencing, litigation and/or out of court settlements. Additional fees apply for court appearances and testimony.

For civil cases reports provide in depth psycho-social information that can be critical in workmen's compensation cases and medical malpractice in helping attorneys obtain the monitory compensation that the client and family deserves. 

Cruz and Associates offers a full range of addiction services to be used in DUI cases. We offer addiction assessments, treatment and court testimony. 

Sample of agencies & entities Cruz and Associates has provided services for:

  • Federal Public Defender’s Office 
  • State of Alabama (Indigent Defender’s Office) Death Penalty Case
  • US Department of Justice (Death Penalty Case) 
  • Department of Public Safety
  • DC Superior Court
  • Child Protective Services: Department of Human Services  
  • Department of Juvenile Services 
  • The University of Maryland 
  • The Barker Foundation 
  • Private Bar 

 "The Judge did a wonderful thing for my client today and it was all due to your hard work on this case. He gave my client a lower sentence considering his conviction in order to protect his asylum status and he stressed to him how it was your work that had accomplished that. This result for this kid is what makes everything we do worthwhile."