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Welcome to Cruz and Associates

Welcome to Cruz and AssociatesWelcome to Cruz and Associates

Continuing Education

Ms. Cruz has conducted over a hundred presentations both locally and nationally. Workshops can be custom created and tailored to meet the needs and demands of the client/agency. She is a recurring presenter for the University of Maryland, The National Association of Social Workers and the Catholic University of America to name a few. Offering continuing professional education workshops is a delicate balance between theory and practice and Ms. Cruz has proven that she has the skills and knowledge to demonstrate both.

 Cruz and Associates is a board authorized sponsor by the Board of Social Work Examiners in Maryland to provide social work continuing education and maintains full responsibility for their programs. 

“Wonderful presenter -great mix of academic info, case example, practical information and resources” (Workshop Attendee)  

Workshop Topics



  • Direct Service Situation: Balancing Ethical Responsibilities 
  • Practice and Ethical Consideration: Organizational Ethics 
  • Exploring Bio-Ethical Issues and Principles  
  • Ethical and Cultural Issues in a Healthcare Setting
  • Ethical Decision Making: a Crisis Intervention Approach


  • The Psychological Effects of Detention/ Incarceration     
  • Juveniles charged as adults: At the crossroads of Psychology, Human Development and the Law 
  • Early Attachments: a key for resiliency or a risk factor for juvenile offenders
  • Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System
  • PTSD: Understanding how the victim becomes the accused

Substance Abuse

  • Effects of Parental Substance Abuse on Children & Extended Family 
  • Addiction across the Lifespan: From Prenatal to Geriatrics
  • Youth and Addiction: Exploring Trends, Human Development, Co-Morbidity, and Treatment Modalities

Mental Health

  • Beyond Cutting: An In-depth Look at Self-Injury Behaviors
  • Borderlines: Understanding the Gray Spectrum
  • The Trauma of Sexual Abuse


  • Machismo: Exploring fact, fiction, culture, mental health and treatment modalities
  • Cultural Competency and Mitigation Work: Effectively using elements in report writing


  • Understanding and Addressing the Complex Web of Childhood Abuse and Trauma 
  • Children and Adolescence: The growing trend of Mental Health Diagnosis and Medication
  • Child Abuse: Its Collateral Consequences and Treatment Modalities
  • Absent Parents: the emotional and psychological effects on the child psyche